What do I need to provide Essex Scrap Cars with at the time of collection?

Any Keys, registration document (V5C), locking wheel nut or key if your car has alloy wheels, also any other related paperwork you may have for the vehicle.

How do I get paid for my scrap car / van or motorcycle

We make instant bank transfer payments directly to you.  Which will clear immediately before we take your car. We are unable to pay cash as cash payments for scrap cars is now illegal.

How long does it normally take to remove my car?

Usually, loading the car to the recovery vehicle takes only 5-10 minutes but it may take a little bit more time depending upon the situation and location.

Is it necessary for the registered keeper of the car to be present at the time of car collection?

No, it is not necessary, as long as somebody is there to present what we need.  A family member, friend, neighbor is perfectly fine.  Our collecting crew should have access to the car and paperwork, that what we need.

What if I lost the keys of my car?

We can collect the car even if you don’t have the keys. But you will need to let us know beforehand and the relevant information to prove ownership

What happens if I don’t have a log book/V5C/ registration document?

As long as you prove us that you are the legal owner there will be no problem and all the processes will go on smoothly.

What is a registration document?

It is a legal paperwork (V5C/log book) issued by the DVLA to the owner of the vehicle.

How do I prepare the car for collection?

Just remove all your personal stuff from the car, make all the papers ready and don’t leave any of your belongings in the car. That’s all you have to do.

Do I need to inform DVLA when the company collects the vehicle?

No you need not to contact DVLA, we do this on your behalf and take care of all the formalities and paperwork.

Does Essex Scrap Cars sell car parts?

No, we don’t sell car parts.

How does the online price quote system work?

We use a bespoke quotation system to provide you the best quotation among all other scrap companies. We assure the best price in the market than any other competitor.