Car Scrapping Service

An old car standing stationary in your drive way from a long time, this is very irritating and troubling since you don’t know how to dispose of it, or your old car is having one foot in the grave. Selling an old car is not that easy now days because there is flood of vehicles in the used car market.

In case you’re despondent in light of the fact that you can’t sell your old car then you have to take a gander at the reasons why.

When you are not able to find a buyer for your car nor can you use your car anymore then you’ll be in an ideal situation for usingour car scrapping service.


Scrap a Van

Why you should scrap a van

Vans are fundamental for little organizations that require a solitary reason vehicle for transportation, conveyances and capacity. Vans can be driven with an auto permit and are surely understood for their extreme unwavering quality. In any case, for these same reasons, most proprietors will cling to a van for a long time and truly work it until it’s at the end of its life without considering acquiring cash from it as a scrap van.

The more seasoned the van, the more it will cost to keep it street commendable. The very way of a van’s capacity implies that it will endure a considerable measure of wear and tear bringing about inevitable motor issues, poor suspension in the event that it’s been utilized for transporting substantial loads and rust issues. Likewise think about the effect on the earth and it’s straightforward why old vans are hard to offer. So it’s better to scrap a van and earn money then polluting the earth and troubling yourself with the discomfort.


Scrap Commercial Vehicle

How we deal in Commercial Vehicle Scrapping?

There are certain regulations from the government regarding commercial vehicle scrapping. These regulations are almost similar to the passenger car scraping regulations.

The majority of the controls are for ecological protection. For instance, the tires might be saleable as part-worn, however more probable must be taken to a recycler or other approved handler. The battery (or batteries, contingent upon the vehicle) must be taken care of independently, and have their own convoluted process of disposal. All the fluids and liquids from the vehicle or any mounted hardware must be depleted off and discarded too.


At that point we get to, for us, the great part. We’ll remove any parts or equipment that can be reused (most likely after some renovating) to be sold. Just once everything risky or gainful has been evacuated will we pound the vehicle, authoritatively “scrapping” it.